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Kitting & Packing

Automated Bagging and Kitting


For customers who require goods pre-packed, we have a new automated bagging line with labelling facility, able to produce 15 bags a minute of mixed fastners and fixings. the machine can also be configured to print barcodes, logos and customer part numbers. In addition we offer a kitting service where a variety of small quantity products can be bagged together to form a kit. This can save our customers a great deal of time as a production kit or as a post sale assembly kit. We also arrange the Header Cards and instructions as well if they are required.
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to get Sub-assembly


As an extension to the packaging service above we can also carry out simple Sub-assembly for our customers. This can involve tasks like screwing products onto a thread, or other activities which can benefit the client to out-source. Cutting Materials * Polishing * Welding * Forming